Baraboo River Canoe & Kayak Rentals “Come Paddle With Us!”
June 23, 2017

This week has been crazy busy for kayaking and canoeing here in North Freedom with the Fourth of July week! The following photos show two of the owner’s grandchildren kayaking. They are helping out with the Canoe & Kayak Rentals business this summer, and here they are enjoying paddling the Baraboo River on their day off!

The owner, Al Doering

Here is Al, waving the grandkids off as they head out for an adventure!

Jacob & Marcus

We sure are lucky to live in such a lovely area, and to have such a beautiful river to utilize!


Jacob is visiting this summer from Texas, to work for the summer as he is entering his senior year of college this fall. He has had raving reviews from the customers because he has been very enthusiastic as he drives the shuttle buses and loads the canoes and kayaks into the water. He makes moving those boats around look easy! Thank you Jacob for all your hard work!


Marcus is visiting us this summer from Florida, also to help out with the canoe and kayak rental business! He has been very helpful to have around to help clean the equipment as it comes in from the river. He has also been very insightful on new strategies to do the cleaning, as his mother works in Florida with scuba diving equipment! Thank you Marcus for all of your hard work!

Here are two guys who both really enjoy gaining work experience, working outdoors, and most of all getting to spend quality time with their grandma and grandpa in North Freedom, Wi. Al & Karen really enjoy having them around!

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