Frequently Asked Questions

Park at 106 Freedom St. North Freedom, WI 53951 (a few miles West of Baraboo). From there we shuttle you to the river and back after your paddle.
The weight limit of the Old Town Twister Kayaks is 275 lbs. The weight limit of the Double Kayaks is 500 lbs. The weight limit of the Old Town Discoverer Canoes is 1400 lbs.
Dogs are welcome!
Please take a moment to consider if your fur-baby is up for the challenge!
Your dog will be around many strangers and possibly other dogs, this includes on our shuttle busses.
You must have your dog on a leash when checking in, at our launching sites, and also at our pick up locations.
Your dog must wear a doggie life vest.
How is your dog in the water? There is always the possibility of your dog jumping off the boat. Also, it is possible for your boat to capsize.
You are responsible for cleaning up after your dog at all locations (bring poop bags).
You and only you are responsible for your dog's safety.
This is totally up the parents discretion. If you believe your child will be able to handle their own it is permissible otherwise a canoe can hold up to two adults and one child or two small children.
Our last boats go out on the river by approximately 3:00 P.M. (as we pick everyone up at 5 P.M.) unless prior arrangements have been made.
Our Kayaks are a sit on top style called the Old Town Twister. Sit on top kayaks are the most user friendly and the most stable in the water. They also have something called "scupper holes" which make the boats self bailing! These ones have multiple spots to adjust your legs to and are sure to make for a fun paddle- but you are doing a water sport and are almost guaranteed to get some level of wet!
Yes, we offer a shuttle service for $25/ boat and can shuttle you to any of the landings that we offer in our regular trips.
Sorry, we only allow paddlers to take our boats down the Baraboo River for the trips we offer on our website.
For the trips we offer, there are currently no campgrounds along the river as most of the land is privately owned. We are only able to offer day trips at this time. However- there are multiple campgrounds within a few miles of our location and you could paddle half the river one day, and the other half the next if you would like! See our Area Attractions tab at the top of the page to see nearby camping & accommodations!